NOVA's Going Down Sans Dental Dam

That's right, friends. The wonderful company with which I signed a year-long employment contract is currently going bankrupt (rumor published by newspapers) and leaving thousands of foreigners to financially flounder about before we get deported. In addition, the higher-ups of the company have just been paid recently after not receiving payment from last month and the poor Japanese staffers haven’t been paid yet at all. Of course, I've just recently moved out of my NOVA-sponsored apartment and into my own cheaper place downtown. This came at a very good time since all of the other employees still in NOVA accommodations are currently being evicted because guess what...NOVA is taking rent money from their paycheck but not paying the rent for the apartment! Wow! Talk about professional!

So...tomorrow is the official Union Strike during which all the teachers belonging to the union will take off of work and file a complaint of prosecution against the company president, hold a press conference and protest for extra media attention. However, this is all happening in Tokyo, 8 hours from me, so I will be enjoying yet another sick day with my roomie Parris watching YouTube movies and eating cheaply-made meals while I wait for job offers and interviews to materialize. But no worries, I've already secured a private student, an additional part time teaching job with children and am also applying to two other part time teaching organizations so I think I have the majority of my bases covered. I just want to be able to pay the rent / gym membership / cell phone / Internet / utilities / food bills. Let's see that happen with my account currently at $200 USD. This should be fun to see how elastic my money can be.

Well I apologize for the un-satirical and realistically bitter blog but I just wanted to let everyone at home know of the wonderful situation of things in Japan but soon, things should get better. I'm forever positive and like to believe that things will just work out for someone as fabulous as myself. At least that's what my self-help cassette tapes tell me to think. Anyway, talk to you all soon and hope not to see you too soon!

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